Death to FON

by davidnielsen

Ever since I got wireless networking at home I’ve been a part of the FON community, I don’t much mind people using my internet in a limited fashion as I think this is the best way to get good wireless coverage in and around my town. However today that ended, not because I suddenly dislike the idea but because the hardware FON provides is.. utter shit. To log on successfully using WPA one has to pull the plug on the router, wait, reinsert and quickly log on via NetworkManager when the router comes up, then avoid losing connection forever basically since it will fail to connect to WPA after a very short bit of time. FON tech support know of this issue but appears to simply not care, it appears really common and it’s a damn shame since FON is a very nice project and a brilliant idea.

Today I replaced the FON router with a Linksys WRT54GL and all my wireless issues went away. As a nice aside this router is very suitable for putting Linux on using OpenWRT or dd-wrt. So if you are using a Fonero router and experience problems, please do consider replacing your obviously broken hardware – complaining to FON has no effect what so ever, sad as it might seem.

In the process of beefing up security unneededly I uncovered a fun problem with the n810, I generated a random 64 character WPA preshared key only to notice that when you type this into the n810 it only allows inputting 63 characters.