Nokia n810 lovefest

by davidnielsen

I’m amazed I’ve used nothing but the n810 all day, this thing is ideal for my every day needs. It checks my rss feeds, does my chatting, streams music (granted I need to setup the server so I can browse my own collection away from home). I haven’t yet had good success with reading my mail, the sheer volume seems to overload the mailer, maybe it’s a sign that something like bongo is a better option for me by now.. Or gmail but I’m not crazy about letting Google do stuff to my data.

Finally it does skype and jingle voip, so I can talk to my friends as well.. All from one device that fits in my pocket. Very cool Nokia people.

The webbrowser is a touch unstable but aside that things are chucking along nicely.

The one thing I would love would be to do a mash up of my contacts and google maps. That way once the builtin gps gets working it would be handy for finding my way around strange places when visiting new friends. If anyone knows if this is possible, hit me up.

This entire post was typed on the Nokia n810 and posted via maemo-wordpy.