Nokia n810

by davidnielsen

As if it wasn’t enough I am miserable over being dumped, I also caught a nasty cold which has me in bed. The only highlight is that my developer discounted Nokia n819 Internet Tablet arrived today.

I’m some what in doubt as to what to think bout this device. On one hand it’s really nice, easy to use and other the other hand it has some really rough spots.

First and worst is the lacking QA, out of the box when I clicked the skype button it refused to installed due to dependency issues, the same applied to system updates. The solution to this was going through an insanely complicated upgrade process. First you yank out the battery, read the WLAN MAC code which for unknown reasons Nokia requires you to input to get the update image. Then you download a special flashing application. Go through a rather complicated magic step of holding down a few buttons on the n810 as the flash app is running and voila you have updated your system.. you’d think they could have done something a bit easier here? Regardless now skype works

Then comes playing with the built in GPS.. which conveniently when you ask it to update the position just sit there… forever. Same thing happens when asking it to use my cellphone to do GPS locating (dunno if it even supports that but hey one had to try). This seems like a rather nasty bug (which I will go file).

Finally I attempted to use the web browser to read my rss feeds on Google Reader, however the scrolling was so unbearably slow that 30 mins later I had managed to read half my news and closed the browser in frustration. This feels a bit like being punished for no good reason.

The Telepathy based chat application works really well and once they get the updates out the haze element should bring goodness in the form of msn and aim support which I’m sure more people than just I need to communicate.

Overall the interface is fairly well designed, easy to operate and the hardware keyboard while sporting very small buttons is decent in actual use.

I’ll still need to play a bit more with this but so far while I have a hard time imagining what the market is for this thing, I am having good fun playing with my n810