AGK Nordic – extending zero still doesn’t make it go to 11

by davidnielsen

So I contacted tech support to ask them to work with the Linux community to get a driver for the webcam I bought, kindly informing them that there were people who would do this for free. This is their reply:

Dear David,

Thanks for your email!

We have focused our time and energy on the Windows platform which is used most widely.
It is in consideration to extend the Linux support, but currently no plans about it.

I will allow myself a translation: Thank you for the money but we have no intentions of actually making you hardware work…. We also don’t care that we don’t actually have to do anything to make it work outside handing over a few specifications and giving a few units away to developers. We will however claim that we are considering it but have no plans (which about the same as saying I consider shooting myself in the right testicle, but currently have no plans of doing so.. never going to happen). Also what is this business about extending Linux support, that would imply there already is Linux support..

To add to the hilarity of this support nightmare I tried hooking said camera up to a Vista x86_64 machine and while it was detected.. no drivers to be found, so even their Windows support is shit (you draw your own conclusions as to what this implies about their time and energy). I therefore recommend that people stay away from AGK Nordic products, they have no interest in supporting you so why should you have an interest in supporting them.

The FSF carries a nice, but short, list of webcam that work under Linux without non-free firmware, maybe this can help others avoid the trap I fell into – here.