A message in support of Miguel de Icaza

by davidnielsen

There seems to be a Miguel hatefest on… again. This time because KDE refused to provide support for OOXML which always for some reason turns into a Miguel is the antichrist and comments of a far worse nature. Having had a bit of interaction with Miguel over the years I’ve always found him a pleasant and well reasoned human being capable of coherent debate, he also appears to be made of much thougher stuff than most people having survived these personal attacks for years.

Now slashdot/digg commenters, could you please lay off the personal attacks, Miguel is a person to, if you have a disagreement on OOXML please keep it on technical grounds. You are making us all look like immature whiners who are unable to reason clearly or show the slightest bit of respect, ad hominem attacks is not a valid debate technic.

Thought for December 11th 2007: “Don’t be a douche, give Miguel a hug.”