Another death in the family

by davidnielsen

Last night my grandmother slipped into a coma after having suffered from Alzheimer’s for years as well as the general signs of being a 90 year old who did not take good care of her body. This morning at around 9am she stopped breathing. I’ll always miss the person she was before the Alzheimer’s turned her into a zombie, for the last year and a half she has not been able to recognize me when I came to visit, she’s always had a hard time remembering my name (a family quirk nobody sharing our genes is any good with names) but at least up till then she knew who I was. Though a terrible decease took her away little by little over a number of years leaving her miserable, ashamed and ultimately essentially an empty shell of former greatness at least her final hours were without pain and surrounded by her family.

Much love grandma Rosa, I am happy you got peace even though I will miss you.