I’m outraged!

by davidnielsen

Canadian school removes book because author is an atheist – I’m outraged, not so much because this is part of the ongoing centuries of attacks on my fellow athiests but because Philip Pullman’ triology is a great book series. I was late in discovering it about a year ago, but every gift I’ve bought every friend since then has been a complete copy. It’s just a good story, so what if it’s critical of dogma, we probably all should be, religious or not. Fundamentally it’s a story about doing the right thing even if it’s not the easiest option or the personal cost of doing so is high. I feel some what like the children are being robbed of a beautiful story, which manages to pull off a fantasy setting without being logically inconsistent like the Narnia books or the Potter books (as much as I enjoyed the Potter books, the logic flaws in the structure of the universe and the storyline were a source of annoyance while reading them). I heartedly recommend these books, so far I’ve turned everyone I could on to them and not one person has responded with anything less than enthusiasm and love for the story, regardless of religion, political stance or nationality.

I’m thus happy to see that there a big budget major motion picture coming, hopefully it will do the story justice – I already have money set aside for me and all my friends to go see it on opening night, and from what I have seen so far they captured the story well and they managed to pull the daemons off convincingly which is no small feat.


No dice, the movie defined suck.. how is this even possible, they had great material, lots of mone, good actors and groundbreaking CG.. and more importantly Michael Bay was nowhere near the camera. WHY WHY WHY?