Awesome, Mono is thine name

by davidnielsen

Finally progressrock!. Next stop Podsleuth and Mono.Addins which should complete the required dependencies for the upcoming Banshee.

If everyone who currently has a package that bundles ndesk-dbus and the option to compile against an external ndesk-dbus could try compiling against these babies in in devel and yell at me if it breaks it would be appriciated. I’d love to shake any bugs out of this before hopefully unleashing it on F7 and F8. I’ll attempt to provide patches over the next few days, sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.

Also dear lazy web, I current hack around a multilib problem using %ifarch x86_64 but this is rather ugly and not future proof since we have more supported 64bit archs though not currently for Mono, do we have a macro to simply do something akin to %ifarch 64bit?

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