The best day for a long time

by davidnielsen

I found this in my inbox today:

Congratulations! You have been accepted to the N810 maemo device
program. We will send your discount and instructions as soon as the
device is available in your selected shop (soon).

Mostly for kicks I submitted my application for a discount under the premise that I wanted to break the N810.. and Nokia kindly gave me a discount. While I do plan to break this little beauty into submission I do feel a little guilty that the discount doesn’t go to someone who can code and expand the platform but I’ll do my utmost to QA the little beauty even if it doesn’t run Fedora. Thank you Nokia, and yes that is a GNOME in my pocket, I’m not just happy to see you.

Also today my first MRSA test results came back negative, I’m not out of the woods yet, there’s still 3-4 weeks of testing left all of which must be negative before I get the all clear but after nearly a year living with these germs I cannot put words on how relived I am to get rid of them.

In a fit of celebration I burned and shipped of Fedora 8 DVDs to everyone who had asked for one, the postal workers looked some what frightened when they saw I had packages going to places like Iran and Isreal. Regardless some next week, hopefully schools and private citizens, friends of mine will have a F8 upgrade even if Internet is sparse where they live.

Rock on world.. now bring the pain. I have an AD&D plot to write by tomorrow, I need to review telepathy-haze and package up podsleuth and mono.addins. Plenty to keep me busy.