Fedora 8: Howl at the moon baby!

by davidnielsen

The werewolf is loose

A thank you to all the hard working Fedora contributors, I honestly feel this is our best to date.. but I say that everytime so either we keep surpassing greatness or I’m full of dodo poo.

Ships with:
Improved audio handling which enables such cool things as application dependant volume control.
Industry leading network support.
Java out of the box.
Improved media support (for legal reasons we can’t ship things like mp3 support but if you attempt to play such a file Fedora will now help you get this support).
Improved bluetooth support so your mobile phone will now work smoothly with your desktop system,
We have worked hard on decreasing power usage and optimizing our system so you will experience the longest possible battery life on your laptop.
We introduce you to our latest and greatest innovation, the online desktop, we hope to integrate and ease your offline and your online life – with the online desktop you can integrate all your web applications with the Fedora desktop as well as stream services directly to your desktop such as your favorite news feeds.

And finally we included all the latest applications spanning every bit of the functionality your heart could desire. Be it desktop applications like photo management, media players all the way to the production quality server applications. All wrapped in the tightest transparent security the world has seen, it will protect you but not get in your way. All is naturally 100% free of charge and we’ll give you all the source code you can handle.

Fedora 8 comes in the standard desktop variant but we also have exciting special spins available and we encourage you to explore the revisor program to make your very own Fedora just the way you like it.

We invite you to howl at the moon with us as you download our latest release, we are very proud of it and we hope you’ll enjoy using it as much as we did making, testing and polishing it.