Standards, or lack thereof

by davidnielsen

James, I must respectfully disagree with you. They did exploit the lack of a single standard for financial gain. I don’t see anything wrong with the consumer asking for one standard here, you and I know that GB != GiB but try explaining that to Joe Average, when he buys a 750GB drive he expects that to be close to the capacity he’ll be able to use after installation. It is not and the deviation always works in Seagates favor from the consumers perspective. Seagate clearly made money from this misunderstanding, I think we should all take it as a call from the average person to drive towards using one standard so avoid this confusion in the future.

I can understand why some consumers are upset, the HD makers have exploited this delightful misunderstanding for years, they’ve known about the confusion it creates and made no attempt to work on resolving the issue because it was not in their best interest – hopefully now it will be.

If this is a transgression worth millions I don’t know, I’ll leave that up to the assessment of an accountant who can estimate how much they made from this, over the years I have a feeling it was not bad for business though.