Prism, handing the future unqeustioning to Mozilla and Google

by davidnielsen

Prism – under the guise of “not wanting to replace the web with a proprietary standard like Adobe FIR or Microsoft’ Silverlight” (nevermind the fact that we actually have an honest to Einstein Open Source implementation of Silverlight), no it’s much worse. Instead of replacing the web with a proprietary solution, they are replacing my applications one by one and handing all my data to the care of Google (and friends as the project becomes more widespread). Yes oh that sounds like an appealing solution, it’s all free and upgrades are transparent on these web apps, so transparent they keep the actual workings entirely secret.

Oh yes I can’t wait for this to be the next big thing.. Please Mozilla, make me and my data Googles bitch.

So how is this different from the Online Desktop which I am a big fan off, not much really, but at least with OD I know the server code and I suppose at some point some geniunely brilliant developer will take Luis on and propose a for pay open webservice business. I would not might paying a reasonable monthly fee if that meant I did not have to agree to sign over my data to someone who’s motto seems to be “We’ll store your data and do stuff to it.. we promise we’re not evil”.

I geniunely like Google, I think they do good work, I also believe they are probably good guys but that does not mean I want them to replace my applications nor that I implicedly trust them with my data – and it does worry me that Mozilla are not seemingly at all interested in debating the privacy issues and lack of policy in that area. A world that’s fueled by people who have a history of not caring about Linux and using Open Source mostly as a marketing platform and who takes money from a company then unquestioningly encourages us to hand over our data to them when the very same company doesn’t really tell us on what terms. I think I’ll pass, I’m not against webservices at all but I think it requires more debate than “look shiny” before their use is encouraged and I for one would not mind paying to get open web services under fair terms with an assurance that the data I elect to give them is not used for purposes I don’t agree with. I might be wearing the tinfoil hat but I see privacy issues and I see that handing the running of applications over to people who don’t share the source code and won’t tell you what they do, is some what detrimental to the whole open source thing which they are using to sell this platform with.