More on Prism

by davidnielsen

Colin, we do agree that the majority of the Mozilla funding comes from Google right, there might not be anything specific about Google in Prism but I’m pretty damn sure what is going to be the development focus. Sure it will be open to friends, but that was not the point of the post, we are all raving about the coolness factor here and nobody seems concerned about openness or privacy. I’m all for webservices, even if I’m not going to run my wordprocessor in Epiphany anytime soon purely based on the fact that I tried using the Google offering and found it inferior to Abiword in actual use and certainly the performance was less than stunning. I do use Google Reader for my RSS needs e.g. it’s a fine offering and I don’t mind Google knowing that I read Dave Jones’ blog with religious obsession, I would mind them having access to my documents, music, movies which is where this is going.

All I called for was a bit of restraint in hailing Prism as the coolest thing ever and consider what it really means, it means the death of Free Software for the user, and the end of privacy. It means replacing components we know and can secure with components we have no control over, we don’t know what they are doing, there’s a whole heap of new security problems.. which we likely can’t do anything about. I think those are important things to consider aside the fact that Prism is.. pretty damn shiny and I’m sure it’s also good technology.

I’m a big fan of web integration, I think it’s very cool to be able to take my RSS feeds with me – I’d love to take more settings, logs and so on with me, making life on the go and on multiple devices easier certainly is a worthwhile goal. I welcome the new world but not unquestioning.

Enough tinfoil hat wearing – back to Jimi Hendrix at annoying loud volume.