Man versus Lenovo: Part Deux

by davidnielsen

Dear Lenovo, your detection script is broken, I just received the following:

Dear Customer

Thank you for contacting IBM.
IBM/Lenovo provides free software support for the first 30 days after the purchase of the machine.
IBM/Lenovo provides free hardware support during the warranty period which is only provided by phone.

Your system indicates it is beyond its Software warranty period of 30 days.
To obtain software support which will be billable or to obtain free hardware Support, please phone the Technical HelpCentre of your country.
Please check the following Web site for the Worldwide HelpCenter Phone List:
You also have free access to all of the BIOS and driver updates for any computer type, as well as numerous hints and tips, frequently asked questions and technical publications by visiting the link at the bottom of this note and entering the machine type/model number (e.g., 2611-450 or 9546-U4A, etc.) into the Quick Path box.We hope you find the support information on the web site to be a helpful resource.

Thank you for using IBM Electronic Support.

IBM Worldwide Electronic Support and Services

* This message was automatically created based on your submitted machine data *

Wait, are you using a first generation pentium to generate that data, 30 days from Oct 4. is not today, let alone the day I summited my request. Clearly you are utilizing a technic called lying, as a consequence of this rude behaviour, I hereby vowing to never by anything from you again. I expect I will show you the same degree of respect you have shown me by blatantly disregarding my rights and dismissing me with a lie. All I wanted was a refund for my Windows license and to inform you at certain aspects of your hardware didn’t work, not at all unreasonable if I might say so, not to mention well within my rights and the Windows EULA. Instead of abiding by the rules and treating me with a certain level of respect you pissed me in the face, for this I hope you have the common decency to go bankrupt, I will certain do anything in my power to help see the glorious day when you are no longer around to disregard the law, insult users and lie in the name of turning a quick buck.. I sinerely hope you choke on a crate of turds.