Dear lazyweb – help me build my media center

by davidnielsen

So I noticed that I have an XBOX sitting around, I don’t really play games on it outside of when the boys come over for a brew and we get trashed enough to play a game of Project Gotham Racing, so I figured I’d build it into a media center using Elisa and Fedora 8 instead of letting it go to waste.

However the major part of this project will be taking 300 DVDs which are currently stacked neatly in the corner of my living quarters and putting them onto my new server for long term storage. For this I will require a bit of expert help in deciding the best course of action. I’d like a format solution that is patent free, with high image quality (So, no Theora), for sound I’d like something that has full surround sound (Vorbis rules itself out here since that is currently only stereo AFAIK). The container format must give me the option of storing subtitles and commentary tracks.

Since I’m planning on using GStreamer, the format of choice would need to be well supported.

Suggestions for formats and tools to do the job would be most welcome – Please mail them to david at lovesunix dot org as spammers forced me to disable commenting on my blog some time ago (though I’m working on fixing that)