Mans struggle against wireless

by davidnielsen

So the big plan was to put the Zonbu away in the closet, since I have a USB dongle (Belkin Wireless G something or another – uses the rt2500usb driver), that way I’d have a nice little server with plenty of storage. However, to even get the machine to scan my network I need to enable Network Manager, it then refuses to connect to the WPA encrypted network instead it just repeatedly asks for the key. But wait even if that worked, if I’m putting this thing in a closet, I can’t type in the password and even worse, it appears I need to log into GNOME and unlock the keyring to even get something even remotely like automated logon. That’s just not a good solution, now nobody could be so retarded as to design a solution that is so unsuitable to use on a headless setup, I suspect the lazyweb will in all it’s kindness point out my malfunction and provide the correct solution.

All in all I’m not terribly impressed with wireless on the whole, the laptop only connects to the WPA network when it’s in a good mood (ipw3945 – I hear that driver isn’t really stable so less blame that). My desktop which is using a Linksys PCI card (appears to be rt2x00pci or rt61pci both are loaded) tends to disconnect a few times a day and for some reason refuses to reconnect unless I reboot – I haven’t found the trigger for this, regardless a somewhat annoying bug, Windows 98 like even.

On the whole wireless does not seem like terribly mature technology, at least under Linux, I have no experience with it on other platforms but I suspect more people would complain if it was entirely broken. I cannot believe technology has made me it’s bitch. Hopefully things will improve soon, untill then I’ll whimper faintly in my corner while I file bugs, and here I was so happy I got rid of all the CAT5 clutter. *sigh*


Apparently repeated rmmod’ing rt61pci will eventually restore the connection on the desktop – by far not optimal but at least it’s quicker than a reboot, and untill the driver is fixed I suppose I could have a script to do it for me so I don’t ruin an entire nights worth of spreading Fedora on Bittorrent. Still no connection on the Zonbu and I haven’t had a chance to mess with the laptop as it ran out of battery and in their infinite wisdom Lenovo send along a power connector which requires an earth connection and the only plug I have that fits that model went missing in the redecoration process. I better remember to pick one up tomorrow.