Dear Lenovo

by davidnielsen

I recently bought one of your laptops, generally it’s a fine piece of hardware except for the following issues:

1) You put an nvidia card in it contrary to the specifications, now it’s not your fault that nvidia are not providing a Free Software driver but I specifically wanted a nice Intel card because they support me – I’m rather disappointed you didn’t stick to the specifications posted on your website.

2) The fingerprint reader isn’t the same model as are in your Thinkpad machines, this one isn’t supported under Linux – please provide specifications so one can be written – I’m sure the Linux driver project would be happy to do it for free under NDA.

3) You force me to pay for a Windows license, inquires to have a refund have so far gone answered. You are welcome to check that the copy of Vista you so forcefully put on my hardware was never activated – I never even booted it so I’m pretty sure I never violated any agreement. I don’t especially enjoy making Microsoft richer for no good reason.

4) Suspend and resume doesn’t work, this probably isn’t your fault either – but you certainly did nothing to help allivate the problem either. Again there are Free Software developers out there, who in return for a sample product, access to specifications and a little bit of time with your engineers for questions will ensure that this works without costing you a cent.

Please understand that there are many Linux users on your hardware and that we’d love to a) not pay for Windows and b) have everything working 100% out of the box. The Linux community will do most of the work to ensure that b. can happen absolutely for free and for all eternity. I hope you’ll take this as encouragement to work with us on making Lenovo a kick ass platform to run Linux on, nobody is demanding that you preinstall Linux (though that would be nice as an option) but at least allow us to have working machines and freedom to choose.

Kind regards,
David Nielsen