Finally a problem the Online Desktop can solve

by davidnielsen

I have years of IM logs, literally – I save them mostly because it makes it easy to go back see the context and specifics of conversations, Beagle certainly makes this but easy handy. However now that I have acquired a new laptop I’ve run into a problem, the logs are stored locally which sucks rather badly since switching from one machine to the other causes some rather disjoined logs. Additionally on the laptop I’m playing with the excellent Banter (which sadly seems to have had it’s development stalled) and my desktop primarily is using Empathy and Pidgin (since Telepathy does not yet seem to like my MSN contacts – I’m seeing lots of dropped messages). Thus I’m hoping the Online Desktop one day will solve this problem in combination with a common log format standard, so that I can always hve my logs with me, no matter where I go.

Also if anyone knows why my iPod while containing no songs still reports that only 30 some gigs out of 80 is available, I’d love to know. I suspect filesystem corruption but due to the iPod being a horrible closed standard I cannot for my life figure out how to fix it.