Free Software Prophet

by davidnielsen

Okay, I bought a new laptop yesterday. I whacked OpenSuSE 10.3 on it to check out how the competetion was doing. Overall I like a lot of the things they have going on, the OpenSuSE community has a lot to be proud of with this release, but that is not the point of this post. I especially selected a nice Thinkpad machine because reading the specs I could be sure that everything included would work with Free Software, I like there to be as few problems as possible and I think it’s only fair to invest in companies that invest in Free Software. As such I was looking forward to playing with my new Intel videocard, but much to my displeasure I saw that I’d gotten some kind of upgrade, an nvidia card. Clearly reading the specs the nvidia card is a superior technology, but the driver clubs baby seals, so I’m sending the laptop back for a replacement. I struggled with the decision, I like the laptop and with nouveau coming along I figure it won’t be long till one could be running Compiz on Free Software again, however I feel the importance of rewarding companies for supporting me actively outweights the precieved superiority of the hardware.

The reason for getting a new laptop, besides the fact that my old one is from 1999 (and it still runs, though without a battery) is primarily that I want to get back on the public speaking circuit. I find that I enjoy evangelism a lot, sharing your passion always should be a joy and with Linux taking off seriously I figure there is finally is work in doing what I love.