“The View” – bring on another nutter

by davidnielsen

I’m not american and I have never seen this program called The View, but I am led to believe it’s fairly popular – thus I was sadden when they first elected to hire a 9/11 conspiracy nut (Rosie O’Donald – I’m looking at you), when she left her replacement Sherri Sheppard was announced. This nutcase however is an evolution denier who admits to not being sure if the Earth is flat… What do you even say to justify stupidity of this magnatude?

Normally I would just laugh, but these people have millions of viewers every day, there should be some kind of at least basic dedication to truth even in daytime TV… not that Oprah is setting a particularly good standard by promoting “The Secret” . These people are doing lasting damage and nobody is apparently stopping them or demanding that they at least adhere to a basic set of provable facts.

*sigh* America, I’m calling you out!