Fedora and our sense of poor self worth

by davidnielsen

There’s some talk on the Fedora development list right now about the lack of merit in Ubuntu’ highly touted “Bulletproof X” feature, however what I pick up the most from reading the entire thing is that people have the impression that Ubuntu contributes a lot upstream and that they drive development whereas Fedora does not invest in Linux and does not innovate. Those familiar with Fedora knows that this is just false, our problem is mainly that we are not good at touting our own selfworth, it’s only for the Fedora 8 release we even got a page that describe half the advancements being developed for this release. Jeff Spaleta in an excellent reply to one such misinformed person clearly encourages us all to understand that if we do not tell people in advance about what we are doing and regularly give even small updates we are not going to spark interest in Fedora. Not only that we are not showing people what the project is capable of and instead we let others take the credit for our work.

I think Fedora is one of the most interesting projects around, I’m proud to say I play even a small part in it’s continued innovation. I’d wager Fedora is also the base for most Linux install out there (despite what DesktopLinux.com tells us), Red Hat Enterprise Linux uses Fedora, Sony’ officially supported Linux for the PS3 is based on Yellowdog which in return is based on Fedora, The OLPC which will ship millions of machines runs Fedora and according to my information Red Flag Linux being the most used Linux in China is based on RHEL and thus also includes Fedora technologies at it’s core. The latter is interesting because by estimates it is the single most used Linux in the world, being a Chinese rollout it does however not get much media coverage. Fedora drives innovation, development and maintance of our beloved platform, from the kernel to the toolchain all the way though to the user environments and end user applications for all levels of deployment – all in a manner that encourages sharing.

Clearly we should be proud to tell the world what we do, even the smallest feature is worth being recorded and we can proudly proclaim when we do something great – tell the world about what you are working on, be proud, you deserve it. The time for poor self worth is over.