Oh the irony

by davidnielsen

When exactly would be the most inconvienent moment for a harddrive to fail, well how about right after you take the nice 750GB USB harddrive out of the box, make your filesystems, put all your data on it, verify that your precious data is indeed intact then proceed to wiping your original harddrives clean. Now when you are back online, everything working and you think it’s time to move your data back.. well that is exactly the moment you do not want to hear ominous noises coming from your harddrive.

Thank you Western Digital, I will never buy from you again.. You just cost me precious personal data, vacation photos, all my music, every document I ever wrote and all because I wanted to ensure this would never happen by acquiring a platform to use as backup. I’ve never had a harddrive fail on me before, more than a decade of abuse, buying the cheapest shittiest brands and omitting the sacred duty to make backups, it has never happened once before – and this is the moment it picks to be my first.

I would play Alanis Morrisette’ Ironic but well.. you know.