On good vs. bad

by davidnielsen

The good: My team winning pub quiz for the first time in history, Newcastle Brown Ale tastes even better when it’s free.

The bad: after enjoyable evening on your way home somehow manage to twitch and cease up entire upper left side of back making any movement extremely painful.

The back injury kinda set back plans to start working out again, instead I found myself reading a lot. Finished Sam Harris’ The End of Faith, a very well destilled argument though the last chapter wrecked the whole thing for me. Started reading James Randi’ Flim-Flam!, no as good as I’d expected it to be, The amazing Randi fails to retain his on stage presence in writting and the dry humor while demonstrating the impossibility of certain delusions is quite absence.

Watched the 5th Harry Potter movie on Saturday, by far my favorite of the books and I’m surprised to say with the horror that was movies 3 and 4 this is extremely well done has sticks to the story where ever possible – being a large tale some stuff had to be cut. Absolutely the best one yet. Now all that’s left is waiting for book 7 and the tale will all but have ended. Let’s see what cueballs Jo can throw at us this time.

Very sad I had to miss GUADEC again this year, even if it sounds like last year was more fun I feel like I am missing out. I’m hoping videos of the talks will find their way online so the rest of us can catch a glimpse of the madness. Not that there has been a huge success getting that gone the prior years.. sigh. I wish this worked as well as it does with the FOSDEM conference.