When I grow up I wanna be just like Aaron Bockover

by davidnielsen

Aaron Bockover: Hero – I’ve mulled it over and reducing Banshee’ memory footprint 10 fold is quite okay with me since he also made it start up in less than a second.

Matthew Barnes caused, then fixed, my least favorite F8 bug and for the first time in recent history I’d be willing to use the words appearance of stability to describe Evolution.

Finally got ndesk-dbus and ndesk-dbus-glib to play ball, so with any luck dbus using Mono apps on Fedora would have the ability to stop sucking once these hit the repos.

And a big Fedora welcome to Neal Gompa who some might know as King InuYasha from the Linux Action Show forums.. well a bit early for the welcomes but the king works hard so I’m sure he’ll pass muster with his sponsor soon enough.