Maybe they should add snakes

by davidnielsen

Many congratulations to the Mono team on their monster 21-day hackfest resulting in Moonlight.

The Fedora side of things:

* Updated Empathy to 0.8, still having issues with the aspell support, will stab at this later today

* Reviewed avant-window-manager and schroedinger, became co-maintainer of the latter.

* First stab at packaging the ndesk-dbus (Managed DBus) for Fedora was a miserable failure – as nice as Mono is, they really need some kind of framework to make packaging nice and standardized.. Kinda like what auto* does for us, only please without the pain and nightmares.

* Played with Revisor to make a prototype for a small project I’m working on, this is by far my favorite Fedora specific tool ever.. though I wish it would not grey out all the time, it just looks bad that it appears to have crashed.

* QA meeting now scheduled at a much saner hour for me. In the future we will be in #fedora-meeting on Freenode every Wedensday at 18.00 UTC.


* Still can’t find apartment, getting increasingly tired of current living arrangements.

* Wasted 360$ in cancelation fees for my plane tickets – no vacation and I’m out a pile of presidents. I’m getting convince I should have gone into hibernation instead of staying awake this year.

* Health situation getting worse, spending increasing amounts of time without control these days. I miss the good days, I haven’t had one in weeks.