War. War never changes.

by davidnielsen

I’d like to announce that Fall 2008, I’ll be taking a 3 month non-stop, no holds bar break from life. That is if Bethesda Software don’t fuck this one up… it’s my childhood you are playing with guys, please don’t make me cry and repress it like the last two seasons of the X-Files.

Oh and I’m now officially a Fedora contributor, superhero Brian Pepple sponsored me and my first package empathy is now available in FC-6 and Development – users of F7 will have to wait till someone kindly explains to me why the buildsystem doesn’t like me depending on telepathy-mission-control-devel even if it builds in mock here. It strikes me that some kind of desktop integration say with Eclipse with the build system would be good, write your spec, check it, run test builds, submit for review and send it off to the build system nicely in one smooth gui.