What’s next.. an anvil to the groin?

by davidnielsen

As some might noticed I got infected with a strain of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus which is resistent to antibiotics a while back, actually about 6 months.. I thought I was cured, but I just tested positive again which means the doctor grounded me and I now cannot go on my planned vacation to Brazil.

So instead of having fun with friends halfway across the world, doing advocacy of OLPC and Fedora to the local user groups and generally enjoying myself.. I’ll now be spending my summer at home. Now comes the fun bit, getting a refund for the tickets given that my insurance policy seems to cover just about any case of illness except this… I’m covered in case of terror and civil war but a case of illness like this seems uninteresting to them unless I actually get it while on vacation.


– I submitted Empathy to Extras on suggestion of Matej Cepl and we also agreed to start a little Fedora Telepathy team to make sure Fedora is a topnotch platform for Telepathy goodness in the future.

– Upgraded to Fedora 8, seeing as I’m not leaving home for a while I figured I might as well have the fun of breaking software, also have to find a way to backup 450GB of data to keep my promise to Will Woods to break my dmraid for the entirely of the Fedora 8 cycle.

– My sister and her fiancee got a new apartment where they can keep animals which means that her guinea pigs will no longer be living with me. Strange, after them living here a year I got kinda attached to the little beasts, even if they don’t much like me unless I bring food.

– Read Sam Harris’ Letter to a Christian Nation the other night, a quick 100 page read, very informative. Good read, fundamentally nothing in the content I disgree with however the tone, while very far from the utterings of the late Jerry Falwell and other mainstream opinion defining christians on the other side of the spectrum from Harris, might be to harsh for the moderates to pay attention to his content.