Goodnight sweet prince

by davidnielsen

Today at 3.10 PM, my beloved grandfather passed away peacefully after a period of illness.

During the last few years I’ve often thought that it would be a good idea to record him recounting his life story, at 95 years old he had seen most of what we take for granted come into being and become common. I fondly remember spending afternoons talking to him about the past I now will only know from books and movies but which he lived through. I know that at 6 years old he watched the first dane fly, I doubt he understood the significance at the time but in the latter years his stories about that event and those of his time in the air force were recounted at every chance given to him.

Today I feel especially sad that I never acted upon the desire to let him pass on his knowledge – now it is lost forever and the fraction of stories he got to tell us about his life can only have scrapped the surface. He was a remarkable man who led a long active life – he always had an ancedote, a story and especially a vague complaint handy for every occasion. The biggest problem was always getting a word in edgewise when talking to him, even in the pain he suffered during the end he rarely broke character, defiant, stubborn and thoroughly lovely in every way.

Goodnight Richard Jensen, you and your stories will be missed by all of your family and friends.