Step one, detect and acknowledge suckage

by davidnielsen

Ongoing research into benchmarks, can’t seem to find one or a combination that will produce reliable data that’s worthwhile, testing for one area always seems to hide some other area. The need to simulate loads reliable seems apparent. It would be a great thing to add to the QA suite though, the ability to catch performance regressions plot performance regressions would aid greatly in making Fedora not suck.. Step one, detect and acknowledge suckage.

Watched Casino Royale and The Prestige. I rather liked both of them, The Prestige is well executed but I just had a hard time buying the absurd pseudo science near the end. The new Bond movie has to be the best one since License to Kill, we finally have a Bond who can kill someone without cracking a joke, just good old fasioned emotionless killing. Mads Mikkelsen as the villian was a horrible mistake though, not only did they manage to dig up the worse actor in Denmark for a critical part but everytime I hear a danish accent in an english movie I cringe. We have to admit it, we sound like complete morons when we speak english, it’s our one fatal flaw.. please Hollywood don’t hire danish actors, let the lessons of Iben Hjele (High Fidelity) and Mads Mikkelsen be enough. Also a great display of Le Parkour in the beginning. Both get recommendations from here.