I demand Richard Dawkins on CNN now or the fluff piece gets it!

by davidnielsen

Since my good friend Aline survived her heart surgery I now have to live up to my promise and celebrate with her so I ordered tickets to go to Brazil next July. If there should be a local LUG I’d be more than happy to meet up for a beer and say indoctrinate you all to worship Fedora. I’ll be in Sao Paulo from the 4th, I’m currently unsure how many days I’ll be there before I head off to Juiz de Fora but I have a wedding I somehow got invited to on the 7th. I’ll be heading back to Denmark on the 24th but there should be no problem returning to Sao Paulo earlier than that for a bit of fun. Anyways throw me a comment if there’s an interest and I’ll see if I can’t schedule it, I’d love to meet some fellow Linux users on the other side of the world.

So now I’m damn poor again but very pleased to have my friend back in one piece. The operation went better than expected and she is now recovering in the comfort of her own home.

I’ve been sick pretty much since early December. First one of those multi resistent germs got me and right after that calmed down I got hit by some kind of stomach bug which thanks to the resistent germs I couldn’t take antibiotics for… so confess, which one of you installed Windows on my immune system? Regardless to much time spend in bed and to little time spend doing productive Fedora things, lots of catching up to do.