Let me tell you a story…

by davidnielsen

The other day I was in town, I had to get my mother a present and I also had one of those gift cards to go buy a CD. Having just heard the new Guano Apes album I decided I wanted that one. Arriving at the store I was met with big signs saying I was a criminal for downloading music and infinitely worse they did not have the CD I wanted, nor any of the other 6 I looked for. There was much bile and anger, especially since the answer was that none of the CDs where in stock and I’d have to wait 4-6 weeks for them to get there on special order.

I ended up buying the Back to the Future boxset and 12 Monkeys instead of a CD, the fact that I could get a boxset of 3 movies for around the same price as one music CD really did it for me.

So when I got home I recompiled the new rhythmbox from Development on my FC6 box, mostly because there’s some kind of incompatiblity with the databases and if you opened it once in 0.9.7, it will crash on startup with older versions. As a bonus you get the new Magnatune plugin.

I am absolutely amazed by Magnatune, plenty of good music, within the first 10 mins listening I had already bought my first album. Ogg FLAC, no DRM and I got to sample all I wanted without having to go to nasty torrent sites and wait half a day. Magnatune really is what I’ve been searching for in terms of music, everything is in stock at all times, I get the formats I like without DRM and I get to decide what music is worth. Best of all though, instead of funding the RIAA and fat cats at some label I get to support the artist due to Magnatunes 50/50 policy. On top of that they even directly encourage me to tell my friends about the artist, not by word of mouth.. oh no by giving 3 of my friends a copy of what I just bought. The most amazing thing is that your finger might hover over that 5$ button but then you think, the artist deserves more and these Magnatune guys are so nice, let’s pay 8$ instead.

Magnatune is where I’m getting my music from now on, they truly are not evil – a feature that will ensure their victory in the long run.

My only wish is that it get even easier to use the plugin, when I buy something it should save my information in some kind of encrypted store (it is my credit card information after all), then it should download and add my new music to my rhythmbox database automatically. For extra credit it might hook up to last.fm and my buddy list so I can see which buddies might like the music I just bought and help me share the 3 copies they encourage me to give to people.