The army of people called Ingo Molnar

by davidnielsen

The army has done it again, Ingo’s ever popular -rt kernel tree now not only has a new release but the Ingos also created a yum repo so FC6 users can easily install and play with this (might maim your pets and eat your grandmother.. use at own risk and all that)

Talked to wwoods during the Fedora Testing meeting about setting up bug days, volunteered to help out so I hope this will get off the ground quickly. I have a feeling I’ll regret doing that at some later stage but for now I’m looking forward to doing something useful for the community that has given me so much.

Feeling very upbeat about the plans to merge Core and Extras not to mention integrate OpenID. Can’t wait for this to happen.

Freed a few friends from Windows, Compiz is proving a popular attraction. I wish we had a nice official LiveCD to let people play with Fedora before commiting to installing it though.