Things I would love to see in FC7

by davidnielsen

Simple things from a user point of view.

I’m currently attending the Fedora Summit via IRC and I get the feeling that much of the development time we have available will be taken up by opening the core to the community. A much welcomed move and one that deserves praises. So for this cycle I have meager wishes.

1) When I scroll websites in Epiphany or do any kind of IO (most commonly seen when deleting files or ripping CDs) my sound should not skip. This is a dual-core 2.2GHz AMD64 with 2 GB of RAM and a nice SATA RAID0, honestly something is wrong with that picture. Okay so this one might not be so meager never the less.

2) Install a bittorrent client by default and open relevant ports. We distribute Fedora primarily via bittorrent these days. It would be a nice touch to have a client installed.

I hope there will be time to include upstart and maybe if the wonderful krh would be able to get plymouth in a working state since to be honest rhgb just isn’t the worlds greatest invention. But FC6 is pretty damn nice as it is, it does most of what I need out of the box so anything added is candy. For the first time in about 4 years I’m running a stable version of a distro, it feels a bit odd but I no longer have the need to chase Development to get that one feature I was lacking. I’ll jump on the Development wagon for QA purposes some time later.