Windows for the Insane: Dead parrots cage

by davidnielsen

A small followup to my memorable Windows induced pain post seems appropriate. A reader called Chris wrote me to tell me about his product Setup Studio which basically fixes Microsoft’ mistakes when it comes to installation and configuration.

I haven’t personally played with Setup Studio but from the descriptions and talking to Chris it sounds like a must have for anyone who wants a means of restoring their Windows machines to a known good state. All patched up, your favorite applications installed and configured, basically everything Microsoft doesn’t really do correctly. The best description of the concept I can come up with is a OEM-like setup for your personal machine or for the Fedora crowd: kickstart configuration and custom iso generation with a nice GUI.

I’m hoping this will help those who are stuck on Windows to avoid the same pain I had.

unrelated, watching every single Monty Python’s Flying Cricus episode pretty much back to back might be damaging to ones health but then again I didn’t need that lung I coughed up laughing anyways.