Never mind FC6..

by davidnielsen

Zods been out for an entire 24 hours.. luckily now that stability has gotten dull, the FC7 cycle has opened.

Incidently, FC6 rocks if you unlike me value stability and don’t enjoy lenghty crying session when your data goes puff..


Unrelated, the Battlestar Galatica miniseries has to be the single least worthwhile 3 hours I ever spend. Horrible and utterly unbelievable plot and visuals coupled with some of the worst acting I’ve ever experienced. I think the problem is that they want the bad guys to be robots, but robots don’t make good bad guys lookwise so.. they have the robots imitate humans down to even sex. Why not just make it humans against humans if the big shocker is that robots will in the end take on human form and replace us in a otherwise stunning display of overkill and defiance of the laws of physics. How this ever became a hit let alone was recommended to me is beyond me.. it’s just awful. I kept watching the disaster unfold for much the same reason people watch carwrecks, just to see how bad it gets. I was hoping for some plot recovery but the ending being a completely incoherent nod to the exogenesis theory left me with nothing of value. Now if they wanted to make me believe their universe, at least they could have left out such idiotic unrealistic unscientific dribble. It’s a sad day for science fiction when Star Trek looks like a good and logic alternative.

I’m pleasantly surprised by Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion, Dawkins shows that the question of God’ existance can be approached quite succesfully as a scientific hypothesis. The elegant argumentation should not be missed out on by anyone, religious or otherwise. Not to kid anyone and spoil the ending, God isn’t a likely answer to everything but the process of getting to that answer is more important than the answer itself.