Foot shooting and shopping sprees

by davidnielsen

GNOME it seems are going into the distribution business wanting to push out plugin like things using NewStuffManager. I don’t think I could possible concieve of a worse idea. It brings back memories of what I escaped in Windows – every application having it’s own distribution and update scheme overloading the system with cruft and potential security holes. Please one of the main benefits of using Fedora (or any Linux distribution) is having one entry point for system updates, having them be signed and installed using one interface.. let’s not create a foot shooting example of ruining that, it’s bad enough that Firefox does it.

I recently rediscovered eBay as a means of getting classic shows on DVD. I brought the wonderful Carl Sagan’ Cosmos a 13 part epic on the beauty of the science and the cosmos. The complete Monty Pythons Flying Circus box. Amazon supplied me with the Battlestar Galactica mini series as everyone keep praising it, also in the shipment was Richard Dawkins’ two books The God Delusion and The Blind Watchmaker. Finally I couldn’t resist buying Siobhan Donaghy’ Revolution in me album, she’s probably best known as the redhead who was the first to leave the sinking artistic boat that is Sugababes.. I won’t hold her past against her though her solo work is like Fedora.. excellent.