Adventures in font rendering, bug hunting and hatred

by davidnielsen

My new LG Electronics L204WT-SF monitor arrived a few days ago, I must say the image quality is great however two issues come to mind. Firstly it isn’t actually correctly detected so one is left with image on about half the monitor by default or another suboptimal configuration – filed a bug.

One of the reasons I wanted a TFT monitor was the much improved font rendering presented by subpixel hinting, however this comes off as a great disappointment. Luckily this I was largely able to fix on my own. I applied some libXft and cairo patches followed by some RPM rebuilding. Now fonts look decent but according to the wonderful David Turner he has patches to bring our font rendering on par with Windows’ ClearType technology however it is likely covered by many patents. I haven’t played with his improved FreeType to see this as it requires a lot of CVS code and I simply haven’t had time to look at it also replacing core code with CVS stuff especially given my new mortal enemy multilib tends to cause files to go in all the wrong places.. god I hate multilib, ./configure && make && make install used to be so simple but no. I guess I’ll get used to it at some point and learn how to make it do what I want. *sigh*

Did Banshee 0.11.0 rpms since the Extras ones are behind and I absolutely love the new podcasting feature in the official plugins. libipoddevice was being difficult but I don’t actually own an iPod so it’s not likely I’ll bother looking into it. Regardless heavily recommended music player.

Additional work bug hunting in Thoggen, SVN is looking stable enough for general use. Tim is doing an amazing job keeping up with my abilities to break his stuff. Also he definitely gets the award for most polite developer ever, when requesting information he even tells you how to get to, very helpful for those odd GStreamer debug logs. Average time between a report and a fix landing in SVN is meassured in minutes, hours when sleep interrupts. I can only aspire to be that great in my wildest dreams.