Hype early, hype often

by davidnielsen

Rahul, I think you misunderstand the cheerleading we need (or at least the kind I requested), sure it’s nice to present the releases we have but look at communities like Ubuntu. Whenever they get a new idea for some kind of feature it’s generally presented by a developer followed by some unbelievably effective hyping. That’s why people like Peter hear about Upstream rather than SOS. They simply better that telling the world what they are doing right now.

That’s what we need, not a tour of our release. When reviewers take Fedora Core for a spin they will present the new features that are obvious, that can be explained with a screenshot and nothing else because we are far to bad at not touting our own horn about all the cool tech that’s under the hood. How much do you want to bet me that every single Ubuntu Edgy review will mention Upstart, it’s nothing you can show off in a screenshot and if Ubuntu had not told the world about it I doubt half of the reviewers would make any note of it aside “boots like the wind”.

We need to tell the world when we are doing cool stuff. Be that SOS, even if it’s not user visible and bugbuddy* is what the user will see, our superior security or any of the other great features the Fedora project have cooked up or are cooking up currently.

The problem is that we are not very good at exposing what we are doing. I honestly think any of the Fedora developers who are doing exciting work should take 5 mins to blog about it early in the process to gather a bit of attention. I don’t really think it’s the right way to go about it to ask a FC6 cheerleader to step to the plate, we should all be cheerleading the fantastic work that goes into Fedora on a daily basis.

And we have so much to be proud of, so lets be. Just take Extras which represents possibly the best maintained packages of any distro. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced installing something from Extras and had conflicts or downright broken software.

Take another example of something we should be telling the world about. From the FUDCon Boston videos I gathered that Red Hat hired the fabulous Monty to fix audio, I assume this will be done at least in part through Fedora. Given that “audio sucks” is a quite common complaint and this is really cool work, why have we not heard more about it, why aren’t we cheerleading ourselves and Monty a bit here?

Yes, I am proposing in all seriousness that we hype our stuff a bit because frankly it’s worth it and if we don’t nobody is going to.


* We should definitely look into hooking SOS up to bug buddy, it would probably be useful to automate the collection of such information for maintainers.