Where did Fedora Reloaded go?

by davidnielsen

I’ve been studying what people think of Fedora and one of the complaints I hear often is that we don’t have a community. Being part of the Fedora community I don’t quite get this, we have forums, mailinglists, IRC channels and generally everyone is pretty approachable.

We also do have a podcast, it’s just missing after only 5 episodes. Now I greatly enjoy listening to podcasts and with Fedora having the in with some of the finest FLOSS hackers I’d think this would be a great outlet to let the world know who we are and what’s being worked on.

So I’m sad to see Fedora Reloaded so underloved, I think it was great even when they accidently lost half of an interview to the data gods. It would be great if we could somehow get a Fedora podcast up and running again. I’d love to give time towards this but I have no experience with podcasting and what’s required in terms of equipment.