Tripple A: Arundhati Roy, ATI and Auctions

by davidnielsen

I’m a big fan of documentaries and political commentary. Today a pearl was pointed out to me: Arundhati Roy’ We. A stunning commentary on the state of the world, hard hitting but with love and a plea for change.

Aside being filled with absolutely wonderful visual content the soundtrack is stunning: Nine Inch Nails, Dead can Dance, Massive Attack, Amon Tobin and many more amazing artists. The DVD is a feast for the eyes and the ears which will stir emotions and provoke thought.

You can download the entire thing free of charge from the link above using bittorrent or for a donation of 5$ get a direct download (this contains a few extras), they also ship DVDs at a small cost. We is also available on Google Video and various other places.

Also bid on a new ATI card and a copy of Audioslaves Revelations album on the danish auction site QXL. It stuck me that I ordered a new monitor with DVI capabilities and alas my current otherwise wonderful ATI 9600XT which with the help of the r300 driver has served up AIGLX powered compix bling did not feature such a socket.. doh. I had no idea AGP cards in the r300 series were so unfasionable these days that I couldn’t go to a store and buy one.

I generally only like auction sites for picking up copies of classic roleplaying books like the now discontinued White Wolf classic World of Darkness games (damn you White Wolf.. WHY?). I’ve already snagged Mage 2nd edition and Werewolf 2nd edition in the limited leatherbound versions via eBay.. still looking for the limited edition Changeling and Wraith to complete my collection. On a side note to this, I wish they would issue more Delta Green books for Call of Cthulhu those are maybe the best written and thoughtout supplements I’ve ever read. Back to the point, I don’t like buying hardware this way, I don’t have assurances that the people I buy it from gave it the same loving care I give mine but sometimes it’s the only way to get the well supported equipment as the stores only carry the latest revisions. I guess it would cut into their profit to carry cards I can run under Linux without resorting to evil binary drivers.