How NOT to do security

by davidnielsen

I stumbled upon this thread on the Gentoo forums – the point isn’t so much that it’s Windows and it’s security sucks but note how many people simply recommend turning security off..

This is why Fedora’ brand of security deployment is endlessly more useful and we should never forget this. It is better to have a little less security or have really good defaults than to prompt the user with every little warning. Doing it the Windows way breeds a culture of people who’ll either automatically say yes to all questions without reading them or simply disable it all together. Thus rendering the security entirely useless.

What Fedora gives you out of the box is wonderful, it handles all relevant scenerios without interaction from the user and without getting in the users way. This is much more approachable for users. When it comes to security I think Dan Walsh knows what’s best for me in 99% of all cases so I have no problem letting him set my defaults.