Bloat, explosions and demise

by davidnielsen

As if things where bloated and slow enough as it was now they are adding mozilla to I can just see it, startup time 6 mins, all the functionality a cornercase would ever need and more at the expense of a overly complex GUI.

I hope Sven gets criawips in a usable state soon because I doubt we’ve ever needed it more. The addition of a presentation program to GNOME Office that supports the OpenDocument format would really remove any excuse I might have to to even have other office products installed.

Also I’m glad to see that both Dave Jones and Alan Cox survived the recent attempts by their hardware to send them into an all to early flammy death. Especially since the mighty DaveJ appears to have fixed the cpu sacling thing that haunted my machine.. many praises!

Core 2 Duo machine arriving next friday, should be assembled, installed and on it’s way over the weekend – I’m starting to think it might be wise to tell people I’m a bankteller or a cop.. “oh you’re a computer guy… so you can fix my machine!” note the complete lack of a question mark in that statement, people don’t even ask anymore they just assume you’ll like nothing more than to save their porn collection. I wonder if plummers face the same thing at gatherings.

Mayank, I’m sorry to hear about your dog, I’m sure you’ll find a new family member for Bozo to bully when you are ready.