LG Electronics – sneaky bastards

by davidnielsen

I decided to celebrate the birth of Jesses son by ordering a new monitor (I’ll use any excuse to buy new hardware). I’ve wanted a TFT screen for a while and after having a peak around my favorite dealers webshop comparing specifications and prices I settled on the LG L204WT-BF. 20.1″ Widescreen, 5ms response time, 1:2000 contrast ratio, DVI. Everything should be peachy right?

Well I guess it really is, except I started reading the LG page for the monitor and the very last word on the feature list was HDCP.. without any explaination, it has a cool abbrivation so it has to be bitching right. Why aren’t they telling me what this this afterall they went to great lengths explaining most of the other features in the summary…

A bit of googling later tolds that it was some kind of security feature.. great we like security but wait why does my monitor need security and especially protection from Man in the middle attacks, what exactly is between _my_ videocard and _my_ monitor.. except _my_ cable I can’t really think of anything.

Here’s the kicker.. HDCP is.. DRM. The sneaky bastards slipped DRM into monitors. Yes monitors and that man in the middle they are wanting to protect against is starting to sound an awful lot like me.

I’m mostly annoyed by the lack of information, it seems sneaky to slip in DRM with zero information to guide the consumer. Compared to cigarette packs which contain warnings like “may lead to impotens” I think it’s not to much to ask that DRMed products carry a warning as follows “May lead to the end of civilization as we know it”. At least that way we could make an informed decision.