Congratulations Jesse

by davidnielsen

Parenthood and a test release all in one week, I’m in awe.

Both releases seem fine from where I’m standing, my congratulations to the new parents, I rest assured the baby will be a Fedora user.

In slightly related news, it just so happens that my cousin who heads up the Microsoft DK R&D department or something like that (I honestly never really understood his exact position, it used to be .NET evangalist now it’s R&D something or another).. regardless he got married this Saturday to a very nice redhead and due to losing a bet on the Vista release date not being pushed back from mid 2006 he is soon be a Fedora user. On Jesses advice I proudly handed him a copy of FC6t3 x86_64 lovingly burned onto a DVD-R. I hope he has fun with FC6.

So to the newlyweds and the newly borns.. cheers!

Now back to my scheduled crash due to alcohol consumption and sleep deprevation.