And darkness fell upon the land

by davidnielsen

Just did an update of redhat-artwork to see the new artwork in full size on my desktop. The first thing that comes to mind is just how dark this is, the other is that the gdm theme has problems with i18n in that it makes assumptions on the length of the “enter password” string. I wonder if there is going to be a matching notification theme kinda like we had for FC5 with the cute bubbly notifications.

I’d like to extend a thanks to all who downloaded the Lessig lecture, I’ve been pushing a lot of copies and the video will remain in my seeding queue for a while yet.

I’ve been throwing emails back and forth with a few people to resolve the CPU scaling issue I’ve experienced, so far no real explaination has been found. I did a manual recompile of the kernel rpm to take out some options to cut down the variables, I noticed that Fedora insisted on loading the asus_acpi module (I have no asus hardware so that worried me a bit), blacklisting it didn’t stop it from getting loaded so I took it out along with making powernow_k8 a module and now I have full speed but no scaling which overall is preferable for backing up DVDs.

Finally my friend Aline from Brazil is having heart surgery done early next year and she stands only a meager 25% chance of survival according to her doctor so she decided to plan a european vacation to get some experiences and memories in case the worst happens. So during December I’ll be showing her around Denmark and then I believe the current plan is to send her off to the UK. I apologize in advance for my probable lack of availability during that time but friends do beat out Internet.