Using GNOME is like having 2 birthdays a year

by davidnielsen

GNOME 2.16 released!

Bring on 2.18 or even better let me at some Topaz alpha stuff, my compiler and system is aching for the breaking.

Many congrats go to the GNOME team for the finest release ever, as always.

Now back to fighting the cpu scaling thing, I’ve tried every kernel I have in my collection and as far back as kernel-2.6.17-1.2583.fc6 without any luck and it seems that the issue is loading the acpi-cpufreq module, it claims the device is busy. The cpu is correctly detected, at least it reports the various speed steppings in dmesg, however cpuspeed claims no speed steps are known… baffling.

*edit* Which reminds me.. this might just be related, it can’t be good for me at least.