Media license: an insult to my intelligence

by davidnielsen

Here in Denmark we have a few TV and radio channels which are nationally owned and operated for the purpose of providing “public service”. Historically this has been funded by having those who own a TV or radio pay a bit of money.. actually a lot of money if you ask me. Over the years these stations have gotten increasingly poor to the point of being no better than your average american network aside having no ads.

I’ve completely stopped watching TV over a year ago. I don’t own a radio or a TV anymore so I figured I would be able to avoid paying the license fee but no my government in their infinite wisdom have now decided that since you can access part of the stations online having an internet connection is the exact same as owning a TV and guess what that means I have to pay up.

This is starting to sound an awful lot like extra taxation to me, I really wouldn’t mind paying if I actually used the service. However since they started pulling their excellent science and documentary programs in favor of religious programs and mindless entertainment, I have lost interest in watching and I have no desire to untill they revert to being true public service as was envisioned.

So Brian Mikkelsen, culture bastard – you can have my money when you pry them from my cold dead hands.