I’m right, they’re wrong

by davidnielsen

I hate those podcasts that elect to decide for me how many episodes I want in my backlog. Any decent podcatcher has a setting to limit the number of episodes you want to download and what’s worse by this approach is that if I really like a given podcast by only putting the last 5 or so entries in their feed they deprive me of the pleasure of enjoying every single episode.

This is especially annoying in podcasts that heavily reference earlier episodes, LugRadio e.g. does this and they also feel like they should decide how many episodes I need via their feed.

Sure I could go download backlogged episodes manually but then what’s the point in having a podcatcher, it automates everything for me and I quite like being lazy, in addition to having every episode listed the same place being nice.

I feel somewhat the same about the blogfeeds I subscribe to, sometimes it would be very interesting to read the entire backlog from someone but the feed is designed to cut me off and make me go to the website to dig out the information I want. I have an RSS reader exactly to avoid having to go to a million sites with different designs and for the handy notifications. End result, I very rarely do this even though I would like to more often.

Unrelated note: ordered my first cellphone in about 4-5 years yesterday. I’ve not had a use for one in a while and people tended to abuse my availablity for tech support when I did. I figure it’s time to attempt being connected on the go again. Sony Ericsson K610i in lushious red, I’m just sad it didn’t come in Fedora blue. I wonder how hard it would be to repaint it and add the Fedora logo, just for advocacy purposes.. and good fun.