The importance of consistency and testing

by davidnielsen

His mightiness caillon, so long as I’m perfectly free to replace the new artwork I don’t much care if it makes it into Fedora. However I have a big issue with throwing it in untested.

Icons are a big part of the visual experience, they do more than look pretty, they aid usability for one. Unless we have made sure it’s amply tested we can’t be sure it forfills that task as good as it possibly can.

A simple 3 mins overview of the icons told me that we need to review them for consistency, the plus vs. star thing really stood out as being a rather serious problem. If I can spot that without even trying do you really think the icons are ready to go into the distribution?

Artwork is a feature, it’s not a bugfix as you make it out to be. Now if I offended you then I’m sorry but I want the best possible experience for our users. That is not attained without proper testing and quality assurance in this case.

The artwork that was deployed with FC5 wasn’t without problems either, it wasn’t as big a deployment though. We are talking about replacing every single icon on the desktop here. Do we really want to do that without having had them exposed to users for reviewing and testing for a sizable amount of time?

I’d really hate to see these go in at the last moment, I think it would be bad for our users and bad for the artwork team to be honest. It’s a fine community effort and I’m happy to see that part work well, deploying the new artwork would be a milestone for Fedora as a community project that part isn’t lost on me.

As to address your question of contributing, I offered to do whatever testing was desired with respect to accessablity as I have no art creation skills to speak of. The way I could help out was to use my contacts with my former collegues and gives us a way to have the desktop (and thus also artwork) tested in a real world environment with real handicapped people. The reply less than pleasant to be honest and I really have have better things to do with my time than to fight a losing battle. If there’s no interest then so be it, no hard feelings.

You make it sound like I hold some kind of unreasonable hatred towards the new artwork and want to set up road blocks for it for my own selfish reasons, which is not the case. There are valid issues with the new artwork and if we ship it as it is we are potentially harming Fedoras good name. To be honest my primary concern here, as should be yours, is our users.

With all possible respect, let’s do this right. This is a milestone for the community part of the project, let’s show the world that we can do a damn fine job at it and provide a kickass free desktop that’s pretty to look at*.

* well it’s no secret I have differing taste but so be it, I can just replace the artwork on my own machine, one of the fine freedoms Fedora gives me.