Stopenergy, honesty and abuse

by davidnielsen

Caillon, where did I call for scrapping the project?

I’m getting rather fed up with the conspiracy theory you are trying to spin, I have no problem with Echo getting into Fedora when it’s ready. I have a problem with an incomplete set of icons with known bugs being set streamrollered for deployment and if you show concern they are brushed off as “the users known hatred of the project”.

I suggested on -devel that we package up Echo and put it in redhat-artwork as an alternative so that we can get it tested out on the desktop and use bugzilla to handle bug reports rather than blogs and mailinglists. If Echo reaches a fair complete state and any consistency issues get worked out then throwing the switch will be easy, if not then we remain in a state we have considered good enough for release since FC1 iconwise. I have no doubt it could be done given a lot of work, I just wonder if rushing it is a good idea, we have plenty of time and doing it right is important. Now lets get the tools and infrastructure in place and get on with the actual testing.

Now can you please give it a rest, I have the users in mind here and if you insist on painting it like I’m deadset on stopping Echo ever touching Fedora you show a complete misunderstanding of my intentions. I don’t especially enjoy being hung out to dry on Planet GNOME and Fedora People for showing concern about consistency and completeness of the theme.